The New Art Fest 2017

Open City

Lisbon, July 21st, 2017

I’m inviting you to explore my curator’s blog on the next edition of The New Art Fest (Lisbon, 2017, 10 thru 30 of November).

You will notice this is not a conventional exhibition. As it deals with offline and online worlds, this festival is also and necessarily an art and a meta-art event. As it happens in an expanded world, where money almost disappeared into fiscal heavens or is being captured by the central banks and governments of the world, this is a new normal show and a penniless one!

Lisbon will be again the physical interface of The New Art Fest. This means that we still have a few good institutional and private friends, as well as artists, technologists, and other cognitive experts, and free thinkers willing to join the party.

This year’s venue will take place in a magnificent 18th Century indoor royal horse arena recuperated for exhibitions and other events in one of the busiest and most visited cultural districts of Lisbon — Bairro Alto. This old noble space designed and built for training horses and swordplay belongs to the National Museum of Science and Natural History, one of The New Art Fest’s generous partners.

We are working hard to make this second edition of the festival palatable.

My idea is to build a global community of post-contemporary creative people around this event. To meet this desire I decided to include all artists and exhibitors that participated in last year’s festival in the coming show. This is only possible taking Lisbon as a post-internet city, where material and immaterial beings, representations and objects may converge through electronic devices and interactive platforms.

The New Art Fest is a post-internet art exhibition learning how to deal with expanded realities and new economic rules.

I wish you would find this idea interesting and cooperate with me and the production team: Ocupart.

Your feedback is most useful to us.

Thank you,

Antonio Cerveira Pinto
The Curator’s Blog

The New Art Fest official website will soon go public here.

Contact @ antonio{dot}cerveirapinto {at} gmail {dot} com