Bit Street

Bit Street 2017

The New Art Fest ‘17, Lisbon, November 10-30

48 electronic displays around Lisbon.


António Castanheira | video

António Salvador Carvalho | video

Diogo de Tita | video

Eline Danasovsky | video

Guilherme Guilherme | video

João Bettencourt Bacelar | videovideo

Jorge Castanho e Alexandre Barão | video

José Budha | video

Katai | video

Kathryn Zazenski | video

Ken Rinaldo | video

Margarida Sardinha | video

Mariana Castro | video

Rosarinho Rosado | video

Sílvio Santana | video

Tara Kelton | video


Second street video screening on 48 interactive displays around Lisbon.

Only original artworks accepted. Artworks cannot publicly endorse any store, restaurant, brand, company or politician. Since these videos are primarily for public view on a street level, participants should consider this condition when submitting. Sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, racist and other offensive, or extreme-violent content will be automatically excluded.

Invited artists: all artists invited for TNAF ’16 and TNAF ’17

Open call: non-anonymous artists, non-anonymous artworks

Deadline: October 20

Venue: 48 electronic indoor and outdoor interactive street displays, Lisbon

Screening: November 10 thru 30 (24/7)

No screening fees

Please include:

1) Your name
2) Country of origin
3) Phone, e-mail, website, social networks
4) Title
5) Brief description

Technical rider

-Duration: 10 seconds
-Format: mp4
-Codec: H264
-Wide screen (16:9)
-Resolution: 1080 x 1920 px (Full HD Vertical)
-Bitrate: Up to 6 Mbps
-Size (max.): 100 Mb each spot

-Duration: 5 seconds; 10 seconds; 15 seconds; or 20 seconds
-Format: mp4
-Codec: H264
-Wide screen (16:9)
-Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD Horizontal)
-Bitrate: Up to 6 Mbps
-Size (max): 100 Mb each spot

Above: Tara Kelton, video @ TNHAF ’16

See some window displays and TOMI videos from TNAF ’16 here.