MUHNAC-Jardim Botânico-Picadeiro

The New Art Fest ’17


Opening: November 10 – 7pm
On public view: 11-30 November 2017

Admission: free
Tuesday to Sunday: 11am – 5pm
Closed on Mondays
Last entry: 30 min before closing


MUHNAC – Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência

Art exhibition (authors)
Second City: mapping the electronic fabric of Lisbon
Maker art: collaborative techno-art platforms show what and how they do it

MILL – Makers In Little Lisbon (web)
Shhpuma (web) (web)

Talks, workshops, and performances

Tourism 3.0. From Venice Syndrome to digital tourism; from gentrification and excessive tourism to locative media. New mobile and distributive forms of culture.

How far will mass tourism grow? Only a few baby boomers will be here by 2030. How will tourism look like beyond the death of the Welfare State? Locative media and virtual tourism as behavior control enablers. Motionless tourism —can you imagine?

November 11, 4pm – 5pm
Nuno Correia, Pedro Andrade
Moderated by António Cerveira Pinto

Brain Gain. Cognitive influxes, knowledge networks and a new creativity in the city of Lisbon. Is Lisbon becoming a Hypercity?

November 11, 6pm – 7pm
Jared Hawkey, Margarida Sardinha, Tiago Rorke, Neil McConnon, Rajele Jain
Moderated by António Cerveira Pinto

Workshops with Maria Lopes
November 19th, 11am, and 3pm

The Consciousness Field is a traveling interactive art installation where ideas about what consciousness is, are collected. It was first created in 2009 for The Brain Unravelled exhibition in London at the Slade. By participating in the workshops one contributes to this twenty-year art project. Schools will collaborate with Maria Lopes to produce and play with her installation The Consciousness Field.

Medusa, a musical performance by Ricardo Jacinto (Shhpuma)
November 23rd, 10pm

Medusa is an installation as well as a performance based on a modular system developed by the author.

AvZones by Nuno N. Correia
November 26th, 5pm

AVZones (AudioVisual Zones) is an iPad app for audiovisual performance, composed of an audio sequencer/looper with a visualizer. By default, 3 audiovisual columns or “zones” allow for the manipulation of 3 audio loops. Each zone had 3 XY pads for audio manipulation: pitch shift, delay and filter. There are 9 sounds available per zone. The application is scalable: the number of zones, XY pads and sounds can be modified in the code. In a performance, only the iPad is used for audiovisuals: the visuals from the iPad are projected behind the performer, and the sound comes from the iPad as well. AVZones is open source and work in progress, built with openFrameworks and Maximilian, and part of the Enabling AVUIs research project. The project is supported by a Marie Curie EU fellowship, and hosted by Goldsmiths, University of London, EAVI group.

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November 30, 5pm

Talk by Nashin Mathani about PetaBencana project. Open-source and stress/damage control in climate change environments.

When Arts Gets Real – on media-based art in public space and non-space
November 30, 6pm
Rasmus Vestergaard
Introduction and moderation by Helena Barranha and Emília Tavares

What happens when the boundaries between art institution and reality are erased, and subsequently when the finite nature of the exhibition is replaced by an art-based process looking for new conditions and new ways of generating meaning? On the basis of this logic, might it be possible to create new artistic and curatorial models, that manifests art as an active force in society?
DIAS – Digital Interactive Art Space takes public, urban space or reality as its basis. Exhibitions, initiatives, and projects are presented 24/7 all year at Vallensbæk Station. The gallery has been abolished and art has moved into the realm of everyday life.

Bring your kids!

Schools will collaborate with Maria Lopes to produce and play with her installation The Consciousness Field.

II. Bit Street

TOMI: 10″ and 20″ videos on 48 media outdoors (streets and Metro stations)

On public view: November 10 – 30

Psychogeographic Lisbon: walk-in Bairro Alto with an algorithm in your pocket

November 25, 11:00-16:00
plan and registration

Oficinas do Conventoone-day excursion to Montemor-o-Novo, to meet an important collaborative art platform (web)

November 18, 11:00 – 18:00

III. Blog channel

The Curator’s Blog: a live scrapbook by António Cerveira Pinto on The New Art Fest ’17.

IV. Web Summit — a special partnership between The New Art Fest and Web Summit.

MARIA LOPES – “Culture and art in a digital age”.

November 9, 11:45 | FutureSocieties.

LEONEL MOURA – BeBot, a swarm of robot-painters demonstrate the power of future “autonomous art”.

November 6-9, 09:00-18:00

V. The New Art Fest official website


Entrance to MUHNAC-Picadeiro at Rua da Escola Politécnica, Lisbon.

Antigo Picadeiro do Real Colégio dos Nobres (historical abstract – PT)

Indoor riding arena – plan.