Bit Street – selected videos

The New Art Fest ‘17, Lisbon, November 10-30 Bit Street 2017 48 electronic displays around Lisbon. ARTISTS | SELECTED VIDEOS António Castanheira | video António Salvador Carvalho | video Diogo de Tita | video Eline Danasovsky | video Guilherme Guilherme | video João Bettencourt Bacelar | video Jorge Castanho e Alexandre Barão | video José Budha…

Artists, beware!

This is something new Contemporary artists, beware of angry independent people! Anti-Gentrification Activists Protest Laura Owens Exhibition at the Whitney Museum An alliance of activists from Los Angeles and New York highlighted the role of the artist and her dealer, Gavin Brown, in artwashing the gentrification of working-class neighborhoods.   Benjamin Sutton: What is it about…

Alice Bucknell

Nostalgia, Disaster, Desire: The Virtual City and Cultural Memory in Late Capitalism At 9.30 AM on 1 November 1755, the most powerful earthquake in the history of Europe hit Lisbon, killing an estimated 30,000 – 40,000 people and instantly toppling 10% of the city’s architectural tissue while rendering countless other buildings uninhabitable. Beyond the material…

Sixteen @ Bit Street 2017

Bit Street 2017 The New Art Fest ‘17, Lisbon, November 10-30 ARTISTS António Castanheira António Salvador Carvalho Diogo de Tita Eline Danasovsky Guilherme João Bettencourt Bacelar Jorge Castanho e Alexandre Barão José Budha Katai Kathryn Zazenski Ken Rinaldo Margarida Sardinha Mariana Castro Rosarinho Rosado Sílvio Santana Tara Kelton

Bit Street closed

Bit Street open call is closed now please don’t send me more videos. thank you. this particular list of artists, that will be part of The New Art Fest ‘17, will be announced on November 1st, 2017 video on top: Tara Kelton video for toMI @ The New Art Fest ’16