Last but not least!

The New Art Fest ’17 has been a success, and we are happy with the outcome. Agency and a diversified exhibition, the beginning of a local and global cognitive and elective cultural network, wonderful seminars, well-focused workshops, derivative strolls around the unknown Lisbon, and great performances. Still to come, tomorrow, November 30, at the Museu Nacional…


Nashin Mahtani Talk: November 30, 5 pm @ MUHNAC Make your own free reservations @ Eventbrite Nashin Mahtani is Project Co-Manager and Lead Designer of, working in Jakarta. She’s coming to Lisbon to give us a lecture on the innovative process of crowdsourcing urban data in big cities, and its usefulness to help risk…

Oficinas do Convento

Twenty years of an amazing cultural work by a collective of artists living in Montemor-o-Novo (Portugal). Oficinas do Convento, a place where experimental art meets its human inner source and reconnects itself with Mother Earth. What an inspiring journey!      

14 events

Most of The New Art Fest ’17 events are doing very very well. Thank you! 1. Turismo 3.0 2. Brain Gain 3. Campo da Consciência (children’s workshop) 4. Oficinas do Convento, Montemor-o-Novo 5. The Consciousness Field I 6. The Consciousness Field II 7. Maker Art, by Makers in Little Lisbon – MILL | Shhpuma 8….

Bit Street – selected videos

The New Art Fest ‘17, Lisbon, November 10-30 Bit Street 2017 48 electronic displays around Lisbon. ARTISTS | SELECTED VIDEOS António Castanheira | video António Salvador Carvalho | video Diogo de Tita | video Eline Danasovsky | video Guilherme Guilherme | video João Bettencourt Bacelar | video Jorge Castanho e Alexandre Barão | video José Budha…

Popup performance by Carlos Henrich

It can happen anytime… November 11, Saturday @ 5 pm November 12, Sunday @ 3 pm … Popup performance by Carlos Henrich @ The Art Fest ’17.

Criámos mais lugares para os eventos

Duplicámos hoje a capacidade de acolhimento dos eventos esgotados do The New Art Fest ‘17, dadas as listas de espera formadas no Eventbrite. Turismo 3.0, Invasão Criativa (Brain Gain), O campo da Consciência (manhã), Passeio Psicogeográfico e When Arts Get Real contam agora com mais algumas cadeiras disponíveis. Mas não muitas mais! The New Art…

Shhpuma @ The New Art Fest

  A fabulous playlist from Shhpuma for The New Art Fest ’17, by Travassos ARTISTS Harmonies Raphael Vanoli Humcrush Coclea Roji OZO Oba Loba Nick Millevoi Nick Millevo Almost a Song Filipe Felizardo Timepsine Quest Parque Eduardo Raon Black Bombaim + Peter Brotzmann Pão Put your headphones now! Shhpuma is a record label based in…

Concerto com smartphones

  Um pequeno improviso na inauguração! Chama-se DECAMERON e é um concerto de smartphones, ativados pelos próprios convidados da inauguração do The New Art Fest ‘17, dirigido pelo seu autor, Emanuel Pimenta. VEJA COMO! Como participar no concerto DECAMERON, dia 10 de Novembro, 2017, 19:00, no New Art Fest Cada pessoa coloca no seu telemóvel…

Web Summit +60.000

We are proud of showing Leonel Moura’s robots and present artist/ anthropologist/ art-science curator Maria Lopes @ the Web Summit 2017. Confirmed this morning: more than 60 thousand will attend this huge tech meeting. A collaboration that makes sense.

‘Sold’ Out

  The New Art Fest ’17 – sold out events Brain Gain, 11/11/2017 O Campo da Consciência (morning workshop), 19/11/2017

openFrameworks w/ Nuno Correia

The New Art Fest ’17 Workshop Nuno Correia Generative Audiovisuals with openFrameworks 25 November, 11a.m – 7 p.m @ FBAUL – Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa Description: The workshop will focus on audiovisual composition with openFrameworks and C++ ( It is intended to participants with basic knowledge of programming. The objective will be to…