14 events

João Bettencourt Bacelar. The New Art Fest ’17. Opening.

Most of The New Art Fest ’17 events are doing very very well. Thank you!

1. Turismo 3.0
2. Brain Gain
3. Campo da Consciência (children’s workshop)
4. Oficinas do Convento, Montemor-o-Novo
5. The Consciousness Field I
6. The Consciousness Field II
7. Maker Art, by Makers in Little Lisbon – MILL | Shhpuma
8. “Medusa” by Ricardo Jacinto
9. “AVZONES” by Nuno N Correia
10. Generative Audiovisuals with openFrameworks (one-day workshop)
11. Psychogeographic Lisbon
12. Nashin Mahtani, CogniCity, talk
13. When Arts Get Real – on media-based art in public space and non-space
14. Finissage, Kazike, musical performance

See our Eventbrite calendar on the bottom of this page.


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