Boom 2018

Beyond digital? Up to a point, yes!

The hippies are back, but with a twist. Science and politics did not solve our major problem as a civilization: how can we escape from an extinction caused by our own conspicuous consumerism and exponential growth?

Boom festival has been said to be a Burning Man without frontiers. Agostinho da Silva, a Portuguese philosopher, once said that Utopia would return to the geographical point where it was developed in the first place: Portugal, more precisely, in the Azores islands, around the brotherhoods of Holy Spirit. Or, to be faithful to what Portuguese navigator and social philosopher Rafael Hitlodeu said to Thomas Morus, Utopia.

Boom Festival, 22-29 July, 2018 > Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

Boom Festival

22-29 July 2018 Full Moon > Idanha-a-Nova Lake Portugal




the first phase is sold out

second phase: November 29th

We are happy to announce that the platform for online ticket sales will be up and running from the 20th of November at 9 a.m (Portuguese time).

Regular price for one person for 8 days festival: €195

TIMELINE: 1997-2018

Boom 2016 – an amazing video


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