Manual for an exhibition


Sociological Virtual Gallery

Pedro Andrade, © 2017

To see HYBRID REALITY, a hybridization of Real, Virtual, Mixed And Augmented Realities:

Search and download the app ENTiTi to your mobile device at:

Google play –
iTunes –
Open the app, choose the Augmented Reality button and search for SOCIOLOGICAL VIRTUAL GALLERY.

Enter the password: socvirgal

Focus the Target Image on the wall, containing a Hybrid Monument, which is a cultural hybridization of French Eiffel Tower and Portuguese Belem tower.

Search, enter and browse the virtual gallery and see:

– the Expo Of Hybrid Monument Images at right;
– the Art Work Description via the Home button;
– the Author’s Bio by clicking the About button;
– Info And Knowledge of culture, literature, the city, social-semantic networks,
– and on other Geo (urban places), Neo (innovative rhythms) and Logos (people languages), through the links on the left towards the social semantic sites named Experimental Books And Web 3 Novel.

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