Let’s talk @ The New Art Fest

Tourism 3.0. | November 11, 4pm – 5pm

Alice Bucknell (artist and theorist)
Helena Barranha (architect and new media specialist)
Nuno Correia (computer scientist)
Pedro Andrade (sociologist and artist)

MAIN DISCUSSION POINTS: From Venice Syndrome to digital tourism; from gentrification and excessive tourism to locative media. New mobile and distributive forms of culture. How far will mass tourism grow? Only a few baby boomers will be here by 2030. How will tourism look like beyond the death of the Welfare State? Locative media and virtual tourism as behavior control enablers. Motionless tourism, can you imagine?

Brain Gain | November 11, 6pm – 7pm

Jared Hawkey (artist and new media promoter)
Margarida Sardinha (artist)
Tiago Rorke (artist, designer, and cross-media geek)
Neil McConnon (Head of International Enterprises at Barbican Centre)
Rajele Jain (Artist and Director at International Film Festival For Films On Art Portugal)

MAIN DISCUSSION POINTS: Cognitive influxes, knowledge networks and a new creativity in the city of Lisbon. Is Lisbon becoming a Hypercity?

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