Rasmus Vestergaard, Lisbon Nov 30

When Arts Get Real
On media-based art in public space and non-space

DIAS_Wayne Siegel_Drowning_Burning, 2014
DIAS – Digital Interactive Art Space. Copenhagen

What happens when the boundaries between art institution and reality are erased, and subsequently when the finite nature of the exhibition is replaced by an art-based process looking for new conditions and new ways of generating meaning? On the basis of this logic, might it be possible to create a new artistic and curatorial model, that manifests art as an active force in society?

DIAS Digital Interactive Art Space takes public, urban space or reality as its basis. Exhibitions, initiatives, and projects are presented 24/7 all year at Vallensbæk Station. The gallery has been abolished and art has moved into the realm of everyday life.

Rasmus Vestergaard

Rasmus Vestergaard is an art historian, curator, and researcher, specialized in contemporary art and more specifically in the field of digital art and culture. RV holds an MA research degree in art history and has done research in several European contexts. Furthermore, he is an art critic and writes of a variety of different media.

RV is an experienced museum executive, director, and curator. He has a broad experience in the field of directing and managing cultural institutions and project. Through more than 10 years he has held senior positions, in institutions such as SNYK Skive NY Kunstmuseum, Museum Salling, LARMgalleri, Kunsthal Aarhus – he is currently the director and chief curator at DIAS Digital Interactive Art Space in Vallensbæk, Denmark.

Furthermore, he is an experienced board member and has been the chairman of the Association of Danish Museums ODM. As a curator RV has developed and realized a large number of exhibitions spanning from conventional contemporary art exhibitions, over experimental shows to digital art projects.

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