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2017 ID


Lisbon: where art meets technology

2017 may establish the month of November as Lisbon high-time for art and technology.

Web Summit was most probably the trigger for this convergence of ideas, big talk, great exhibitions and exuberant venues.

More than sixty thousand tech fans and new media art pioneers of all ages will flock to Lisbon either to hear the latest gossip of tech moguls or experiment the latest app or else, to know what has happened around the world, during the last fifty years in the electronic arts.

Last but not least, two local initiatives are also speeding up in the right direction:

  • The New Art Fest, first international sci-tech and post-internet art gathering taking place in Lisbon, and
  • Sonae Media Art Award—a new media art competition that takes place every two years

I think this is the most important news in the Portuguese art’s panorama in many years.

Save the date!

Web Summit – November 6 – 9 @ MEO Arena
The Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966) – November 8 – Mar 19 @ MAAT
The New Art Fest ’17 – November 10 – 30 @ MUHNAC
Sonae Media Art Award – November @ MNAC

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