Björk and the ninth album



“When I DJ, I’ll be crying over the most beautiful Bollywood vocals in the universe, and then I’ll play the most brutal, banging techno set for half an hour straight,” says Björk. “I’ve always had this taste. I like things that are pretty, and I like things that are very brutal.”


For Björk, who grew up amid Iceland’s gnarly volcanic terrain, it’s perhaps unsurprising that her own vision of utopia is one that puts humanity in harmony with nature. “I’ve been talking about environmentalism for the last 20 years, about green energy and solar power and how technology is what’s going to help us collaborate with nature in a non-violent, amicable, collaborative way,” she says. “I talk about it a lot with my friend Anohni – she started the Future Feminism group. There’s this old argument that civilisation treats nature the same as man treats women – you have to oppress it and dominate in order to progress. I just don’t agree with that. There is another way.”

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